Beelden in zee

The boulevard of the coastal city Scheveningen will be redeveloped. Museum Beelden aan Zee (Statues at the Sea) is located on the boulevard. The statue group ‘Sprookjesbeelden’ by Tom Otterness is located outside the premise of the existing museum and will have to be relocated, in order to give way to new developments.


The proposes an extension of the museum with one room, in the sea. The North sea will be split by means of two concrete walls in order to create a path on the bottom of the sea, landing into an exhibition space that will be located 5 meters below sea level.


The project is designed in the spirit of museum Beelden aan Zee as a space of contemplation amidst the activities located on the boulevard focused on entertainment and consumption.

Location: Scheveningen, The Netherlands

Client: Museum Beelden aan Zee

Project: 2008

Consultant: John de Ronde, Deltares

Structural engineer: Rob Nijsse, ABT