The multifunctional complex is located on lots 12 and 13 of the Zuidas business district. An area which is rapidly transforming from a mono functional business location on the periphery of the city into a high-quality mixed urban area that is physically and mentally anchored in the city. The building is designed to house the headquarters of a large sports brand, apartments (social and private housing), underground parking and cultural program in the public plinth.


The public plinth of 10.000 m2 is 10m heigh and contains two stories of exhibition spaces, residencies for artists, bookshops and restaurants. The sculpture garden on the roof levels with the infrastructure of the location; the A10 ring road, the metro and trains tracks forms a surreal contrast between the contemplation of the artworks and the dynamics of the location. This publicly accessible garden should become a retreat not only for the people working and living in the complex but for the entire district.


The two buildings on top of the plinth reach up to 80 and 90m high and contain 35.000m2 of office space and 16.000m2 of apartments. The buildings are designed as shifted volumes making room for outdoor sports program like a basketball court, a climbing wall, a tennis field, a swimming pool and soccer field on top of the tallest building. The sport facilities can be used by both the workers and residents, making it a tool for social exchange between different users of the complex.


The outdoor sports programme is fenced of with open white nettings which contrasts with the black structure of the complex. Building and netting, mass and veil, complement each other and together create the ever changing silhouette of the building.


Location : Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Client : BPD Vastgoed B.V.
Program : Cultural program, offices, housing, sport facilities.

Area : 61.500 m2

Status : Design, 2017

Project team: Freyke Hartemink, Jarrik Ouburg, Maciej Abramczyk, Hannes Heitmüller, Matteo Oldoni