For over one hundred years, the Munition factory of the Dutch Army was located in a highly secured area. In 2003, the factory closed and this mysterious area revealed its secrets for the first time. The trees that were planted to protect against a shockwave in case of an explosion grew into a unique forest with a rare bird population. The urban ensemble on the terrain was seen of such high cultural value that over 60 buildings were listed as a national monument. The only downside of the area was that it presented a highly polluted soil due to its operation as a factory site for such a long period.


For the transformation of the site that will take place in the years to come, the area is seen as an enclosed garden. The urban ring around the future city park is slowly closed, controlling the pollution of the site and strengthening the existing autonomy of the area.


Artisan preparation of food will be one of the main programmatic themes of the area. Milk, vegetables, meat, fish and wheat are shipped by boat to the area where they will be prepared into finished products. The products will be shipped to restaurants and markets in Amsterdam. The public park will become a place for recreation.

Location: Zaandam, The Netherlands

Client: Rijksvastgoed- en ontwikkelingbedrijf (RVOB), Stichting De Oorsprong

Consultants: 4M Advies, Witteveen + Bos

Status: Study 2010

Project team: Jarrik Ouburg,  Studio Paulien Bremmer