The E’tower is located in a former industrial area which has been redeveloped into a new residential neighborhood named Strijp S, in Eindhoven. The tower of 22 floors  with 110 apartments, forms the entry to the neighborhood Stadionkwartier. The apartments are organized around a highly efficient core in the middle of the towers’ footprint. The apartments vary in size from 65m2 to 110m2 and due to the floor-to-ceiling glass facades, generous views towards the city become part of the apartments. Thus, the feeling of a larger space is created in the visually a bigger apartment by permitting air, light and space to permeate from the outside. Every apartment in the E’ Tower has a big balcony which serves as an extension of the living room and enables a dinner party of six. Connected to the living and the balcony, an extra glass room is provided serving as a winter garden or extra bedroom or study.


In the luxurious lobby on ground level, the glass facade is fritted with dots that create the illusion of an image of curtains from a distance. In between the tower and a 5-story building that mirrors its façade, a glass gate provides access to the neighborhood’s private courtyard.


The construction consists of poured concrete columns and walls on the ground and first floors, and prefabricated concrete columns and walls on the remaining floors. The facade has geometrically shaped aluminum elements where it meets the floor that, by mirroring its shape, visually create a dynamic flow like an upwards blowing piece of fabric. The bespoke shape of the columns contribute to a dynamic sense of space within the interior.



Location : Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Client: Stadionkwartier BV, Laurentius-Amvest
Program : Housing

Area : 16.000 m2

Budget: 22.000.000 euro

Status : Completed in 2013

Project team: Wiel Arets, Bettina Kraus, Daniel Meier, Freyke Hartemink

Consultants : Nelissen BV, Tielemans BV, LBP/Brandveiligheid Erik Janse, SchreuderGroep BV, Scheldebouw BV, DHV BV


Freyke Hartemink contributed to this project as project architect at WAA controlling the process from Preliminary Design to Construction.